As migrant workers struggle to reach homes, Bangalore tattoo artist starts fund to help them

In this pandemic situation, the response of the Indian government towards its migrant workers has been questionable to say the least, and a couple of days back, the Karnataka government made it worse by deciding not to run trains for migrant workers seeking to go back to their homes. Videos started circulating on social media showing how people started journeys of 1800kms from Bangalore to Uttar Pradesh on barefoot. The state government’s decision came under serious scrutiny and drew severe flak from most quarters of the country. But, sitting inside our comfortable homes, what can we do personally to help our brothers and sisters? Well, Bangalore-based tattoo artist, RajaGopalan S is showing us all how.

From @mettleink IG handle

Raja, aka @mettleink has started a relief fund for migrant workers stuck in Bangalore by the mode of selling his original art prints and his line of apparel, ‘Spirit Scraps’. For real here people, art can help feed the ones in need, and might also save lives. During this pandemic, our community has shown great spirit in coming together and caring for each other. So, let’s not hold back now, and do everything we can by contributing to this charity fund by Raja. Not only do yo get the chance to collect some magnificent art for yourself, but also in process help someone who really needs your support at this time of dire necessity.

From @mettleink IG handle
From @mettleink IG handle

Raja announced on his Instagram handle that all proceeds from the drive will be forwarded into charity. You can visit his website, or his IG handle to know more and purchase art prints or tank tops from him. This is an art haul that will support one and all. So, don’t hold back. Pour your hearts out. Stay safe, stay indoors!



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