GRLS and WMN to the front!

Please, please, please. No long debate on the question, if there is sexism in the tattoo scene or not. There is, sure there is. We all know it, more or less. We are finally not separated from a global bigger picture and the mess, which happens there, happens also in our circle. No, we are not so different from the rest for now. We are not Utopia.

We might also mostly agree, that the whole tattoo game is currently still male-dominated. Without any doubts, we might agree even more on that for the context of India and Nepal. There are always exceptions, but to regard something as an exception makes normality a bit clearer, no?

I do not want to cry you a river, whine about exclusion of women, sexualisation and preach about us, being mostly regarded as girlfriends/accessories/meat of a fancy somebody.

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Instead, I will show you in the following months with a series of articles, that women, without any doubt, are as important and precious as men, to improve the art we love and make our common passion greater and visible to the outside.


The articles will focus on great female artists working in India or Nepal or in other parts of the world, but definitely will show other stories and positions within the scene of the two countries. And for sure, we shall discover, how it feels, to be disregarded, ignored, viewed only as a girlfriend or be sexualized as an object like many tattoo models experience. See, pants down, but maybe not so pleasuring for some (and hopefully eye-opening for many)!

Illustration by Carol Rossetti

Still, my hope is to find stories about love, equality, possibilities and examples. I really want to be positive and also get out of it positively. Sounds cheesy, but, (wo)man, when you look outside our tattoo family, shit is going down. I, most probably we, do not want things to end between us in the same way. And within the tattoo scene, we all know the stigmatization in society of inked people and the art, which enriched and changed our lives in many different ways. This stigmatization still happens with all its consequences and it has already been a long fight up to this point. We do not accept nor ignore a similar discrimination about no-matter-what in our own space.

Illustration credit: Rebel Grrl

And please, please, please again: Do not make yourself look more stupid than you might be and call me a Feminazi (whatever that is supposed to be in a small mind) for bringing this up… The topic is already present, but invisible and only discussed in a certain and safe environment. This series shall create common awareness about a situation, we can improve together for the sake of our family. And, come again, what are you exactly, if you cannot deal with GRLS and WMN at the front! Make some space and open your mind.

Stay tuned, stay aware, stay hungry!

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