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Former English footballer David Beckham has been tremendously popular in media and social network. He is one of the top ranked British celebrities that have amassed a huge fan base thereby joining the likes of Ewan McGregor, Wayne Rooney, JK Rowling, etc. Besides, Beckham has also been an ambassador for several international brands and often seen in many advertisements, notably for perfume and underwear. He has graced the cover of many fashion magazines and has been the subject of gossip in media. Amongst his specialties are his 40 striking‘David Beckham tattoos’ and ‘David Beckham tattoos Hindi’ that he inked on his body so far. His tattoos have given him a new stardom as his fans see him with admiration. The tattoos have become a part of his glamorous lifestyle and he is often photographed flaunting them. Let us take a look at his passion for body art which has grown since his marriage to Victoria a.k.a. Posh Spice of Spice Girls in 1999.



Beckham had the number ‘99’ inked on his right little finger. It refers to the year he married Victoria. It is also the same year when he won the treble with Manchester United winning the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League. Later, he wrote on Instagram that 99 was a good year for him.

Harper, Pretty Lady and rose


In 2011, when his only daughter Harper was born Beckham inked her name on the upper left chest near the neck. Another tattoo next to ‘Harper’ appeared on her fourth birthday. Beckham inked the words ‘PrettyLady’along with a little heart. On October 23, 2015, debuted on Instagram a black and white picture of Beckham with a beautiful rose tattoo above ‘Pretty Lady’ celebrating his love for his daughter.

Brooklyn and Buster


After the birth of his oldest son Brooklyn in 1999, Beckham inked the first David Beckham tattoo with the word ‘Brooklyn’ in Gothic style. He chose his lower back which allowed plenty of room to inscribe in large letters. In August 2015, he added the name ‘Buster’ on his neck – a name he calls Brooklyn fondly.

Guardian Angle


Right after getting the ‘Brooklyn’ tattoo, Beckham sought Manchester-based celebrity tattooist Louis Malloy to ink a figure of a bald person with head bowed down and arms stretched out. Later, he decided to tweak it by adding imposing wings and make it look like guardian angel.The angel tattoo is on the upper back watching over‘Brooklyn’.

Romeo and Cruz


When he had his second son in 2002 Beckham decided to put the word ‘Romeo’ on the upper back and above the guardian angel tattoo. The third son’s name ‘Cruz’ was inked below the feet of the guardian angel after Victoria gave birth in 2005. Both ‘Romeo’ and ‘Cruz’ are in the same Gothic style as ‘Brooklyn’.

Victoria Tattoos


Beckham’s colossal love for his wife Victoria is reflected on several David Beckham tattoos which he dedicates to her. In 2000, Beckham’s love went public when he wanted to have ‘Victoria’ inscribedin Hindi script on his inside left arm. Unfortunately, it became a mistake and had ‘Vihctoria’ inscribed in Hindiinstead and became one of several David Beckham tattoos Hindi. The words, ‘I Am My Beloved’s And My Beloved Is Mine’ are written on top in Hebrew script which he got during their 6th wedding anniversary. His second ‘Victoria’ tattoois in scrolling English scripton the back of his right palm. A swallow representing love is inked on the base of his right thumb. Other dedicated tattoosinclude a ring of ten roses around his left arm on the occasion of his 10th wedding anniversary, a Brigitte Bardot-inspired portrait of Victoria in sexy lingerie with the words ‘Forever By Your Side’ on his left lower arm, and ananniversary tattooin Roman numeral on his right wrist.He even has the word ‘Love’along with a swallow tattooed on back of his left palm to indicate his love for his family especially his wife. Later, he added the words ‘Lead With Love’ nearby it.



In 2003, Beckham chose to put the number 7 in large Roman numeral on his inner right arm. This number is special to him as he sports his Number 7 jersey while playing for England and Manchester United. It is also the middle name of his daughter Harper.

Latin Inscriptions


David Beckham tattoos consist of Latin inscriptions tattooed to both his arms just like the David Beckham tattoos Hindi. On his left arm underneath the ‘Vihctoria’ tattoo is an inscription that in English translates to ‘So that I Love and Cherish’. Similarly, underneath the 7 numeral on his right arm is another inscription that translates to ‘Spiritual Perfection’.



Following allegations of having an affair with his personal assistant in 2004, Beckham got a tattoo of an angel inked on his upper right arm with the words ‘In The Face Of Adversity’.

Jesus and Cupids


David Beckham has an interesting large tattoo on his upper left chest and below the ‘Harper’ tattoo. It shows Jesus Christ being raised from his grave by three cupids or baby angels. Beckham said that Jesus represents himself and the cupids are his sons who are looking after him.

Winged Cross


One more religious insignia showed up in 2004, when Beckham added a winged cross to the back of his neck. This sacred tattoo features a Gothic-style sketch of a cross surrounded by two delicately drawn angel’s wings.

Man of Sorrows


When his grandfather passed away in 2010, Beckham decided to honour him by getting a tattoo of Man of Sorrows below his right ribs. The figure is that of Jesus Christ sitting beside his cross with his head down in desperation waiting to be crucified.

Eagle and Indian Chief Head


Amongst the David Beckham tattoos that Beckham revealed on Instagram in 2015 are those of an eagle and a head of an Indian chief.  Both of them are located on his left side below the armpit. Beckham’s eagle tattoo which he got in 2015 possibly refers to new challenges in life.

Chinese Letters


Just like David Beckham tattoos Hindi, Beckham got a Chinese proverb inked at Hong Kong in 2008 which runs in a vertical string from below his left armpit, across his ribs and all the way down to his hip. The Chinese symbols when translated into English means, ‘Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honour depend upon heaven’.

Play For Me


When he moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to play for L.A. Galaxy, Beckham got the words ‘Play For Me’ inked on his right wrist along with clouds. Perhaps, it is an indication of his move and the challenges he faced at that time. Next to it is a tattoo of Knight Templar with its distinctive red cross and possibly represents Beckham and his English team.



Beckham’s left arm is adorned with many tattoos and another angle is inked with the words ‘Let Them Hate as Long as They Fear’. The quotation was inspired by Emperor Tiberius of the Holy Roman Empire.

Cupids and Hebrew


Beckham has few cupids on him which represent his sons. He has two of them on his right biceps and another one on his left arm along with the saying, ‘My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart’ inked in Hebrew script just like one of David Beckham tattoos Hindi.

Cupid and Psyche


Inspired by a Renaissance painting by Francesco Francia, Beckham decided to obtain a tattoo of Love God Cupid carrying his wife Psyche to heaven. The only change he made to the 15th century painting is that he added a scarf covering Psyche’s nude body.

1975 and Mum and Dad


Beckham has a tiny ‘1975’ tattoo on his ribcage possibly referring to his birth year. Another one next to it has ‘Mum & Dad’ inked which may refer to his sons who plan on getting the same when they grow up.

Children Tattoos


David Beckham’s enduring loyalty to his family has taken our hearts by storm. He goes back to the tattoo parlour,often toget family-inspired David Beckham tattoos. Two of them are already out on Instagram in 2015 – one honouring his daughter’s creative skills, and another showcasing his sons love for their father. He posted a picture of a stick figure tattoo of a little girl wearing a triangle-shaped frock and extending her arms out. There is a tiny sketch of a heart next to it. It was obviously chosen by his daughter. The other tattoo which was written by his sons says, ‘We love you daddy’.

David Beckham often speaks about his tattoos and has vastly written on them in hisautobiography “Both Feet on the Ground”. Speaking about his choice for design, the rousing star explained that the tattoos stand for all the precious people in his life, the ones who are always there with him. Amongst the important people are his wife and his children and he has a tremendous attachment for all of them. He says that the tattoos are an expression of how he feels about Victoria and the kids and that he has no regrets about any of them because they have a meaning. We are not going to see the end of David Beckham tattoos and David Beckham tattoos Hindi anytime soon.


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