Gotta love it and hate it: Pains and pleasures of organising a tattoo convention

One day you wake up and you know that the next days are going to be an Armageddon for your energy resources. You have been waiting and working months for this morning and the first day of the tattoo Convention to come, but now, you start shitting your pants about everything:

Is the venue in shape? Will things go according to our plan? Can artists and visitors be satisfied? Can we come up to our expectations?

No matter how good and detailed our plans have been in advance, expect the unexpected. We were upset, we were stressed and I felt like balancing on the edge of a cliff. Do not try to be smart and tell me, everything can be foreseen with a proper preparation… HELL, NO!

Image Courtesy: John Ma

The best bet is to rely and stick to your team, you will hate and love them the same way as much as you will hate and love this event.

After waking up, a cigarette and a deep breath, I reached the venue and it was as bad as I expected. No, actually it was worse. Nothing seemed ready and I bet, this is a rule carved into stone before at every single Convention. The first morning was just craziness. Sure at this point, there was also not much time left, until the artists arrived (at this moment, you cannot think of the crowd to keep yourself away from an implosion). Within a glimpse and several time travels to the future (as time runs so fast), doors opened. My level of anxiety reached the maximum point now, as I did not want to start with unhappy and unsatisfied faces into this event. Actually this was the busiest time of the whole Convention, as the artists needed to set up their booths for the next three days. When this was done, I finally took another deep breath, only to hold it for some hours again.

See the venue preparation video here

The whole experience of organising a Tattoo Convention was more than exhausting. I have to admit honestly. Though, I tell you, there is much more love and positivity in this than you can see at the first glimpse. As an organiser, you get the chance to create an open space for amazing people from all over the world coming together and exchanging with each other. This get together is not only a big chance for them, but surely also for you. No matter, how exhausted you are, you will always find great support and motivation within the community and your team. After the first day, things got smooth on the venue of Nepal Inked. There was time to talk, to see amazing art and to enjoy fully. In the end, you get paid off with three days around great people in a good environment, everybody created together.

Image Courtesy: Rajan Maharjan

Nepal Inked started chaotic and how many times did I moan to myself: Please do not let it rain. But looking back, this is not the first thing to remember: Most importantly for me, the Nepali tattoo industry has been supported in our best possible way. The greatest part was to see all those young tattooists working, exchanging and meeting international participants. We brought people to Nepal, who never expected to meet such an amazing and loving community in this country. When somebody thinks of our home, for sure, most probably the first association are not tattoos, but mountains, Yaks and all those stereotypical images out of the Lonely Planet. Nepal beholds much more, than people would expect and we can see this on their faces, when they get in touch with the local tattoo community. Our family amazes them and from time to time, being a part of this, it is easy to forget the positivity within this. When it comes to the exchange, talents and friendship within the scene, this country can easily be a role model. We should keep this in mind. In the end, this has been the purpose of Nepal Inked from the beginning. It is not about fame or profit. It is about growing a community and promoting great talents globally.

Image Courtesy: Rajan Maharjan

Here’s hoping next year will be even more fun, even if more hectic.

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