Nepal Inked 2016: In Photos

Nepal Inked 2016 – the madness finally has come to an end, but for all of us who were a part of this incredible festival, the memories will linger on in our minds for a long time to come. Not just because we were yet again mesmerized by the artistry on display, but because of the sheer love Nepal has for the culture of tattoos.

This convention will stay with us for the moments shared, and memories created. We slept very little, worked really hard, and partied like there was no tomorrow. Here are few of the incredible moments of Nepal Inked 2016, by, for and of the lovely people who made this dream a reality.

Nepal Tattoo convention 2.3.4/9 A photo posted by Atit lama (@atit.lama) on

Nepal Inked A photo posted by Isa (@isa_tattooer) on

@nepalinked day 1: @mohanstattooinnnepal’s son @grg.arjun holding down the fort ? A photo posted by Jynt (@jynt) on

A video posted by Dukhii (@leekas18) on


A photo posted by Jynt (@jynt) on

Awesome time at the 3rd international Nepal inked!! With live band from underside !!! A video posted by Maxx Rajkarnikar (@max199) on

John :: Jade Tattoo :: #nepalinked2016

A photo posted by aga mlotkowska (@agamlotkowska) on

#nepalinked #ekglasspani A video posted by Kingstattoosupply India (@kingstattoosupply) on

Pogodance #nepalinked #everydaynepal #nepal #pogo #moshpit #kathmandu A photo posted by Lasse Kofod (@k0f0den) on

#nepalinked souvenir of the memories.

A photo posted by Kingstattoosupply India (@kingstattoosupply) on

Best of the show! #nepalinked #nepaltattoo #tattoonepal #inkednepal A photo posted by Nischal Battu (@kgarira) on

Until next year…

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