Nepal Inked 2016: Keep your labels back home

If you are a tattoo enthusiast in any form, and if you often go to tattoo conventions, you might often wonder why are you there? What’s really different here than the previous convention I attended? What new am I getting to know about tattoos here?

For the onlooker, the answer is BLAAAH! For the enthusiast, the mystery lies in the fine lines. The fine lines of varied tattooing cultures that intersect each other in more than one junction, the fine lines of art evolving in even the simplest act of passing the joint, the fine lines of you getting to question the metamorphosis of this crazy art form to yourself.

And that is what the three editions old Nepal Inked offers to a tattoo enthusiast like me – the opportunity of witnessing not just artists at their most relaxed self, but to be able to share anything but useless adjectives for tattooing. Nepal Inked has artists coming from different corners of the world, but it is magical to notice how individual backgrounds take a back seat, and how every school of thought makes way for one another.

On a regular day, if you see a man with tattooed eye balls on the streets, you are just going to judge him. If you come get to know that the city’s university professor of philosophy is a heavily tattooed lady, you will judge again. Forget that. Imagine, if you are one of the biggest tattoo artist of your country, would be chopping some wood down during your tattoo session breaks? No, because your world of judgments is too concrete. But in our tattooed world, judgments can take the fuckin’ back seat.

What Nepal Inked 2016 brings together is this counter culture. That little space in this claustrophobic society where individuality finds home. This convention or any other tattoo convention of such vibrancy is important because otherwise, you never get to know the personalities beyond the labels. In fact, it is wrong to call a convention as beautiful as this a space. It’s not.

It’s an atmosphere. An atmosphere that is by, for and of the art. We are together for art. We are Nepal Inked 2016. And, we have not yet begun. So, come join us. Mark the dates:

2nd. 3rd. 4th September.

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