Nepal Tattoo Convention 2016: The Subcontinent’s biggest tattoo con is back!

This time, last year, majority of the Indian tattooing community was in Nepal attending the 5th Nepal Tattoo Convention. All of us enjoyed a fabulous Day 1 of the convention; a day filled with mesmerizing tattoo art all around us. Then came Day 2. Artists and other attendees woke up early on a chilly morning, and reached the convention hall, eager to resume proceedings. Little did we know of what was to come next.

Minutes after that, Nepal went on to be the victim of one the most devastating wraths of mother nature. An earthquake that not only shook the crust of the earth we stood upon, but also instilled fear into our souls. An earthquake that jolted the nation so bad, that it almost crumbled to dust and ashes. But it could never break the indomitable spirit of our Nepali brothers and sisters.

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In the modern history of this planet, very few countries have endured a natural disaster of such humongous scale, and have fought back in such quick time. But that’s the spirit of Nepal. And now, exactly a year down the line, Nepal Tattoo Convention is back, for its 6th edition.

Same place. Same time.

Unlike last year, not many Indian artists are participating in this year’s edition, but that is no reason for the gathering to be a bummer. Nepal Tattoo Convention 2016 boasts of a line-up that includes the best and the most radical tattooing talents from across the globe. Names like PJ, Kenji, Maika Zayagata, Jocke Hultman, Orge Kalodimas form just the tip of the iceberg. Their works have left us awestruck over these years, and now it’s finally time to see it in person.

From new styles like industrial dotwork to the age-old Japanese traditions, Nepal Convention brings talent of varied genres on the same platform. In Nepalese tattooing, you are guaranteed to find some of the finest artists of the region, and also some of the most hardworking ones. The likes of Mohan Gurung, Bimal Rai, John Ma are some of the celebrated South Asian tattoo artists.

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And tattoos aren’t the only thing to be excited about. Nepal Tattoo Convention 2016 will also witness several seminars, workshops and treks (yes, you read that right) for participating artists. All in all, we are ready to stand with our brothers again, ready to soak in the magic of tattoos, and the beautiful culture that the country offers.

See you in a few hours, Nepal!

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